Come to Fire Mountain Retreat



A sacred destination.

Fire Mountain Retreat is an intentional sanctuary dedicated to receiving and sharing the Grace of the great Indian saint, Bhagawan Nityananda's continuing darshan and that of the Siddha Lineage. We realize that people come to Ganeshpuri, not for pedestrian pursuits, but to further their spiritual evolution. This is our focus: beautiful, peaceful grounds to calm and nurture the soul and an atmosphere of protection and respect for your approach to Enlightenment..

Fire Mountain is tucked away in a natural landscape below Mount Mandagni and a short walk or rickshaw ride to the Nityananda Samadhi Temple. The Temple and Nityananda's adjacent home, the Kailash Ashram, are the main power points of Ganeshpuri. Our guests appreciate returning to Fire Mountain Retreat's tranquil and serene setting for deepening contemplation and Self-Realization.Please come, we will do our best to support your absorption of the many spiritual gifts of this area and greater India.

Nityananda Samadhi Mandir Fire Mountain Retreat, located 80 kilometers north of Mumbai in the small village of Nimboli near Ganeshpuri, combines ancient sacred practices of yoga and mediation with 21st century convenience.

The Fire Mountain Retreat compound of lush green landscaping, modern and clean buildings and the spiritually infused jewel, the geodesic dome, is a perfect setting for your:

  • Quiet meditation retreat
  • Deep relaxing spiritual renewal
  • Private yoga classes
  • Sacred music, chanting and dance
  • Individual & group sadhana practices
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Yagna and puja
  • homebase for your spiritual yatra
  • Ayurveda retreats and treatments including lymphatic massage, oil massage, Shirodhara, mud massage, steam bath, head massage, facials, feet massage, special treatments for pains, etc.
  • opportunity to connect with enlightened masters & saints of India
  • And for any other spiritual adventure you might imagine.

To begin your journey to Fire Mountain Retreat, please hear and read Guru Mark Griffin talk about the spiritual power of this area.


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Ayurvedic Retreat (5, 7, 10 and 15 day options)

Several times a year we offer Ayurveda Retreats for individuals and groups.      Come find spiritual peace and physical healing by detoxifing from modern life's stressers and the resultant accumulation of toxins.

Starting February 25, 2018, we offer a deep Ayurveda detoxification program staffed with experienced Ayurveda doctors and therapists.  You can choose the number of days you wish to participate: 5, 7, 10 or 15 days.