Guests Give Back to the Community

Fire Mountain Retreat’s  guests are the very same people who are providing the funds and seva to Shree Nityananda Education Trust which subsequently benefits the greater  Nimboli/Ganeshpuri/Kelthan community. These guests do not wish to bring attention to themselves and their donations and offerings of seva, but we wish to acknowledge how beneficial the guest devotees are to the Ganeshpuri area. Here is a partial list of what our guests are doing:

Nimboli water filter recipient smiling

  • ·         One sangha of over fifty Nityananda devotees provides the money to build and distribute 365 bio sand water filters a year. Over 1000 filters have been delivered to Nimboli, Gorhad, Newalpada, Garel Pada, Dhodhade Pada, Karela Pada, Khairi Pada, Gandi pada, Nityananda Village, Ouzgau, Ganeshpuri, Gandipada, Lendi and beyond. Starting in July we will be able to build and distribute three times that amount, 90 a month, over 1000 a year. These devoted people dig into their pockets every month to give a water filter to people they do not know, our Tansa River neighbors. We are in the process of interviewing and photographing all of the 1000+ recipients and putting the photos up on the internet so that donors can see the actual people who are benefitting from their kind donations.

  • ·         One guest and devotee from Mumbai was so inspired when hearing of SNET’s projects and the need of the children here in rural area that he gave a Marathi-English library to Saraswathi Secondary School which was complete in January 2011. Now, his sister-cousin, founder of Kitab Korner Foundation, is building 9 more libraries in our community. These libraries are for everyone, not just children but for adults within the neighborhood.

  • Kitab Korner provides library to Saraswati

  • ·         Two guests provided the seeds and paid for the manpower to host the SNET Fruit Tree Give-A-Way that conducted three educational seminars and gave away over 5000 papaya and drumstick fruit trees.

  • ·         One group of guests has paid for a new bore well to be dug at the Saraswathi School. The provision of water to the school will allow the school to receive a science laboratory form the Lions Club of Kalyan and thus expand their science education of their students. The school  children will now have very clean water to drink and more than enough for farming and gardening education projects. This same group of guests has financed the building of bathrooms at Saraswathi school which are in the process of being designed and built. Having functioning bathrooms will create a more hospitable environment for the girls and thus encourage them to remain in school. As you know, lack of bathrooms is a well documented problem for India’s rural communities

  • ·         One guest has donated the electric pump for the new bore well at Saraswathi School.

  • ·         One guest who is a teacher sends books and sports equipment to schools.

  • Mangesh Hoskote, engineer from Mysore & Virginia, US

  • ·         A recent guest and engineer from Mysore has provided the technology and equipment to install a hand crank pump at Nandani. His specialty is solar lighting and SNET drove him to Kolumbai Ashram School to analyze the needs of that school for a solar electrical system. He has made a commitment to help SNET find the funds to now build that system. He has demonstrated how to build a small stove out of a tin can that saves 60% of wood fuel and the principal of Saraswathi School is excited to use that stove as a science project for his students. The engineer brought his retired sister from Borivali to the Fire Mountain Retreat and now she has offered to come to the village to offer seva to the community through SNET

  • ·         Two guests from Andheri provided technical support to our water filter project. One is a doctor who is offering to assist with women’s health education.

  • ·         One guest drove over to Bhiwandi to purchase a cricket set for the local Nimboli boys.

  • ·         One guest from Rajestan who has run a sewing factory for over 30 years, has offered his expertise to create a small sewing industry here.

  • ·         Two English teachers are making plans to visit for three to four months so that they can offer seva and assist the English speaking teachers teach English.

  • ·         Two guests from Mumbai bought and delivered over 400 blankets to Kolumbai Ashram school in the cold months of winter to those children who had no blankets to keep themselves warm.