FAQ: Ayurveda Retreats at Fire Mountain



Q1.  How many guests will be attending a Panchakarma Retreat.  I don't want to be neglected of my treatments  because there are too many clients at the same time.

A1:    The number of guests at any retreat will be limited to fourteen clients.  There are seven bedrooms, and will be double occumpancy.

Q2.  How many trained doctors will be conducting these retreats?

A2:    There will be two trained and experienced doctors conducting each retreat. Dr Sonawane will be overseeing everyone's treatments, and he will have his assistant Dr. Chenmai be in attendance daily. 

Q3.  How many therapists will be attending to the clients. 

A3:   Fire Mountain Retreat and Ayurveda has 16 trained therapists on call every day from our neighborhood.  We have equal amount of male and female therapsists.  Four men therapists and four female therapists are assigned to the retreats with the extra therapists as backup.

Q4:  I like a strong massage. Will your therapists be experienced?

A4:  Our therapists will be experienced and sensitive to your specific needs. Please be aware that a panchakarma massage is focused on your lymph system and you should not expect a deep tissue massage. The doctor will be available to discuss your treatments and any concerns.

Q5. I would like to stay at Fire Mountain Retreat after the Ayurveda program is over.  Will that be possible.

A5.  Yes, please contact us with your dates and we will tell you about availablity at Fire Mountain Retreat. We can provide a restful location and good healthy food for your post-retreat recooperation.  We can continue to provide daily ayurveda massage and help dispense your post retreat medication.

Q6.  When should I arrive if I am attending a retreat?

A 6. Guests should schedule their arrival so that they arrive the day or night before the first day of the retreat. The retreat starts at 8 am the first day with a treatment and a consultation.  Everyone should make an effort to be on the Fire Mountain property so that they do not miss a treatment or consultation.

Q 7. How do I book my reservation for one of the retreats?

A 7.  Please message us at infoatfiremountainayurveda [dot] com for a registration form and doctors intake form.