Fire Mountain Retreat: A Place of Spiritual Power

Fire Mountain in MorningMount Mondagni or Mount of the Eternal Flame, towering near Fire Mountain Retreat anchors a long heritage of accomplished spiritual masters of the Siddha Lineage who have practiced sadhana on and near its slopes.

Enlightened master, Guru Mark Griffin emanating from Bhagwan Nityananda's and Baba Muktananda's grace invites everyone to come and receive the blessings of this location. Watch this extraordinary video where Guru Mark (2008) explains the profound significance of this location.

In the following year (2009), Guru Mark describes Fire Mountain Retreat....

“This place is super-charged with pure consciousness; this entire place is filled with the shakti of the Guru. That’s what’s here. It’s not like, it’s kind of powerful, there’s a throb here, there’s a lot of energy here – it’s more than that. Every particle of space is activated by the Guru Shakti. To breathe here is a spiritual event. The space between the breaths here is the doorway to emptiness...There’ll be times in your lives where you will need clarity. This is all our home; you’re always welcome here. The ashram is a place where enlightenment is convenient; it is a fruit in your hand. Why? Because we picked a really good place to build it.

Nityananda & Muktananda Puja

When Nityananda came here in 1937, he was here, then crossed the river. He talked about building roads. Baba came to America in early 1974; I met him in 1976. And now we’ve come back here. It’s a closed circuit. Because this space is what it is, every single sub-particle is charged – and I’m not speaking poetically or creatively; it’s pure description. It is super-responsive to consciousness; it’s super-responsive to the vibrations of samadhi.”