A Spiritual Sanctuary: Mission, Schedule, Dharma Rules

A Spiritual Sanctuary of
“Sadhana, Seva, & Self Realization”

The Mission of Fire Mountain Retreat is:

to provide a secure and beautiful retreat center that welcomes people, individuals and groups, from all over the world to engage in the timeless sacred practices of meditation, yoga, japa, yagna and seva to the Guru and Humanity.

The location, a short distance from the samadhi shrine of the Great Self-Realized Being, Bhagawan Nityananda, and at the foot of Mount Mandagni (Fire Mountain) provides a profound spiritual atmosphere to saturate oneself in these practices of sadhana.  Also the Shree Vajreshwari Yogini Devi Mandir, a Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess Vajreshwari, located in the town Vajreshwari, is just a short drive from Fire Mountain.

Spiritual Practices include:

  • Meditation.
  • Yoga and/or Tai Chi.
  • Recitation of the Guru Gita.
  • Recitation of Mantra in garden area.
  • Seva dedicated to the Guru and humanity.
  • Tuesday: day of Contemplation
  • Daily Sunrise Agnihotra and Sunset Agnihotra
  • Monthly Full Moon yagna in the Dome.

Guru and President of Fire Mountain Retreat:

Mark Griffin

Guidelines (Dharma Rules):

  • The retreat center belongs to all. No one is excluded because of race, religion, politics, sex, sexual preference, age or caste.
  • Mindfulness and introspection are the cornerstones of retreat center living. Please help us create a quiet and serene setting for you and all of our guests.
  • Maintain silence during specified silent periods. Please respect another person's desire to be silent. Tuesday is a day of Contemplation
  • Treat everyone in a respectful, kind and loving manner, including yourself. See only the good that is in all of us.
  • Selfless service or seva is a rewarding component of retreat life. We ask that you consider offering 30 minutes of seva daily. Attending to the cleanliness of your room and bathroom is seva.  Guest Services or the Manager can suggest ways you can perform seva while you are here, such as sweeping, cleaning, garden work, working at handicraft workshop. There are many opportunites for seva through our sister program Shree Nityananda Education Trust (www.shreenityanandaeducationtrust.org)
  • Please dress modestly in accordance with local customs. Please do not become a distraction for others.
  • Drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and/or romantic behavior distract everyone from focus on “sadhana, seva and Self Realization”, and we ask guests to refrain from engaging in these lifestyle choices when attending Fire Mountain Retreat.