Guest Information

Fire Mountain Retreat provides an oasis amidst the chaos of modern society by providing a gorgeous and vibrant garden, a spiritually charged 44 foor wide meditation dome, and two well-maintained residential buildings. The property was acquired by SNET in 2007 and has been managed by two experienced property managers from the States, Dewa and Jeanetta Haley since 2008.   

Dewa & Jeanetta Haley, Co-Managers


A group may rent one, two, or all three of the buildings based on their specific needs. At maximum, the facility sleeps 30. Of course, the dome can handle up to 50-100 people. For groups larger than 30, a retreat can be held in the dome, 30 people can stay at Fire Mountain, and the rest of the retreatants can be booked at comfortable lodging nearby. Additional dining areas are temporarily and attractively constructed on the property to handle the increased numbers. Transportation to and from the additional lodging is arranged.

Individuals, couples and families are welcome to come to Fire Mountain Retreat. Please inquire about availability.

The new India is reflected in the modern buildings and facilities that provide safety, hygiene and comfort levels that contemporary people require. Fire Mountain Retreat is dedicated to creating a gentle, natural and beautiful atmosphere that allows its guests to relax and deepen their experience of the Spiritual Self within. 

Conveniences of staying at Fire Mountain Retreat:

  • Visiting Bhagwan Nityananda's samadhi temple located in the town of Ganeshpuri
  • Visiting the Shree Vajreshwari Yogini Devi Mandir, located in the town of Vajreshwari
  • Tranquil, undisturbed setting
  • Majestic geodesic dome for spiritual practices and group meetings
  • Fire pit in center of dome for holding yagnas
  • Separate bungalow for group leader and attendants.
  • Private 2-3 person bedrooms with own bathrooms sleeping 30 people total
  • Multiple electrical outlets and ceiling fans
  • Western-style toilets & hot geo-thermal showers
  • Back-up diesel generator and solar power for occasional power outages
  • WiFi internet available.
  • Indoor and outdoor dining areas for 30-150 people
  • Fully-equipped kitchen and competent group cooking staff.
  • Organic vegetables and greens grown on site when in season.
  • Three Geo-thermal Hot Tubs on property; other natural hot springs a few steps away.
  • A transportation service arranged for Ganeshpuri and other local spiritual sites.

Please dress modestly in accordance with local customs. (See What to Bring.)