Health Wise

Safe Water & Organic Greens

Clean Water is Provided

We provide clean drinkable water. Our water is brought out of the ground at a depth of 150 feet and cleaned by reverse osmosis technology. Our guests are welcome to refill their personal water bottles from our filter system on a daily basis.

Medical Services:

We do not supply emergency care, but have a Nimboli village doctor within 5 minute walk. We ask that you bring your own full spectrum anti-biotic for emergency situations as well as some kind of anti-biotic cream for surface wounds. Emergency care would necessitate a car ride to a nearby city an hour’s distance away, such as Vasai or Bhiwandi. We have found many very good doctors within both these cities. Mumbai is also two hours away for more specialized care via western-trained doctors. 

Weather Considerations:

After two years of living at Fire Mountain Retreat in Nimboli, we, the managers, have experienced very little illness. We did have some difficulty moving from the mountains of New Mexico (2500 meters above sea level) with four distinct seasons from snow in winter to 100 degree summers. The tropical weather of Maharashtra seems to have three of its own distinct seasons: monsoon, winter, and summer.


The heat of April and May have been the hardest months personally with which to acclimate. When we broke out in a rash due to the 115 degree heat, we finally discovered this is called Prickly Heat Rash or Syndrome. And fortunately, all of the medical stores sell various kinds of Prickly Heat Powder which is a kind of talcum powder with an herbal cooling agent and neem for controlling skin bacteria. Those living closer to sea level might not react so severely as we did. Fire Mountain Retreat does not provide air conditioned rooms at this time but may do so in the future. Each bedroom does come with two ceiling fans.


Monsoon brings a refreshing coolness to the parched landscape of Ganeshpuri and Nimboli. The land turns green with rice plantings and the daily rain is welcomed. The monsoon can eventually turn fierce on days, but overall the downpours are tolerable. The rains bring out the mosquitos especially in Ganeshpuri and no-see-ums in Nimboli. The windows of bedrooms have "midge" screen and each guest is provided with a mosquito net for their bed. Even so, having ample insect repellent is advisable so that one can enjoy the gardens in the evenings when the bugs come out.


Wintertime is delicious with cool nights, even requiring a coat at times. The garden is in full bloom and the insects are hibernating.