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Morning at Fire Mountain Retreat

Group & Individual Rates

Fire Mountain Retreat is available for groups and individuals who wish to enjoy the serene and quiet atmosphere, to pursue their yoga or meditative practices, or have a private retreat. Individuals come from all over the world to visit the holy sites of this part of India.

The retreat facility consists of the main building, the Guru's Chowk, and the geodesic dome, all constructed in 2007 and recently remodeld in  2012. Nine private rooms sleeping two and three guests are available. Eight have their own bathrooms and two rooms share bathrooms down the hall.  One large room can sleep 3-7 people or can be used for a seminar or meeting room, an indoor yoga room during cold weather. The Guru's Chowk has one bedroom, a hall and its own bathroom. (This building is availabe to teachers upon special request).

At different times of the year, both groups and individuals may be on the premise, depending upon room availability. This is negotiable to group leaders.



Due to the fluctuating market, the depreciating of the Indian rupee, the astronomical increase of goods, transportation and fuel, we find that we can not make a yearly quotation here on our website. as we have done in the past.  Please do contact us for a quotation for your specific dates.  Contact Us »


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"The wheel of dharma is a very profound and unusual phenomenon. It's as if one were in a maze and moving through passageways - doors are opening and closing, and various conditions are arising, appearing and disappearing as we move through these doors. It can come about that one can gain fortune by going through a sequence of passageways and doorways that brings about great fruition, great opportunity." ~ Mark Griffin