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Early morning bathers in the hot springs.Ganeshpuri/Nimboli

Located in Nimboli, India, Fire Mountain is nestled on the banks of the Tansa River, near the village of Ganeshpuri. The natural hot springs of Ganeshpuri attract visitors throughout the year as does the Mahasamadhi Shrine and Temple of Sri Nityananda.

Within 2 or 3 kilometers of Fire Mountain is the famed Devi Temple in Vajreshwari and smaller temples are found throughout the countryside. This area is also the home of natural-appearing lingams, truly the sign of a sacred destination.

The region in and around Ganeshpuri has been the site of profound spiritual activity and a home to yogis for generations. It is said that Vashista, Lord Rama's Guru, held a great yagna in the Ganeshpuri area, and installed Lord Ganesha in a temple there. In more recent times, the area has given rise to the great saints and enlightened masters, Bhagawan Nityananda and Swami Muktananda.

Have you heard of the spontaneously arising shiva linga stones shaped like an elongated egg that have risen out of the ground at various places in india over the ages?  Well,  one of these resides in a Shiva temple a few hundred feet away from FM and if you are open, you can receive a major spiritual gift when touching and relating to this Linga.  Nityananda stationed one of his important disciples here, Rakhadi Baba (ashes Holy Man).  He of course covered himself with ashes denouncing  desires of the external worlds in favour of internal meditations.  You don’t have to follow suit, but you may well want to visit his temple.  The  powerful murti in the temple anchors his presence and the valuable darshan from this great saint.

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